Improving Transparency & Accountability in the Electricity & Water Sectors

Electricity Commission

Regulated Industries Commission: Improving Transparency and Accountability in the Electricity and Water Sectors, December 2010

Many governments, advocacy groups and international agencies dedicate substantial resources to identify and deter corrupt practices. Often, however, little emphasis is placed on eradicating the factors that breed corruption, such as lack of accountability, transparency and adequate public information, which result from poor governance and weak management systems. In fact, research has shown that reforms to strengthen customer rights, enhance stakeholder participation and increasing transparency can significantly improve organization performance and reduce corruption. The Regulated Industries Commission (RIC), has oversight responsibility for the electricity and water sectors and is mandated to protect consumer interests and promote good governance. Therefore, the RIC should take a leading role in shaping these sectors by promoting good governance and ensuring that there is an adequate level of transparency and accountability. This document presents a suite of tools that the RIC proposes to implement to improve transparency, accountability and access to information. Many of these tools call for increased participation by stakeholders and civil society.

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