Membership Applications

Applicants can download, print out and complete our Individual, Corporate or Youth Membership Application Form and forward it with the appropriate fee payment to our office at the address shown on the form.

Membership in Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI) is generally available to all. However the Board may decline to approve an application if, for any reason, it considers that the applicant's membership would be inconsistent or incompatible with TI's Vision, Values and Guiding Principles or with TTTI's By-Laws or Code of Ethics.

Individual Membership

As an individual member you are entitled to participate in the development and governance of TTTI.

You will be regularly supplied with information on the work of the Institute and will be able to participate fully in the members' meetings, SGMs and other transparency events.

Members receive discounted prices for our annual Anti-Corruption Conference, fundraisers and more.

You will, if you so wish, be able to promote TTTI in your organisation or business field, contribute to R&D initiatives, help organise events, work on committees, write articles and contribute directly in other ways according to your interests and skills.

The annual fee for individual members is currently TT$ 200.

NGO Membership

Corporate Membership

This includes all entitlements of individual membership and gives companies and other organisations the opportunity to commit themselves publicly to support the work of TTTI nationally and regionally.

It assures a flow of information from TI on global developments related to a company's industry or sector.

It also provides corporate bodies with the opportunity to work closely with TTTI in seeking systemic improvements in accountability, transparency and anti-corruption processes both in the domestic and regional spheres.

It provides companies with an important way of fulfilling their social responsibilities as it helps create a healthy business environment for all.

The scope of the corporate members' relationship with TTTI will depend on the sector, strengths and interests of the organisation as well as management's time, ability and willingness to be involved.

Currently the annual fees (TT$) for corporate members are as follows:

Gross Annual Revenue Annual Fee
Less than $10 million $1,000
Between $10 million and $50 million $2,500
Between $50 million and $100 million $3,500
Over $100 million $5,000

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