The Advocacy & Legal Advice Center (ALAC) is one of the most dynamic new anti-corruption intervention experiments by the global TI movement. There are more than 40 ALACs in 40 countries, the majority in Eastern Europe.

ALAC is a complaints desk. It provides free legal services and assistance to victims and witnesses of corruption.

ALAC aims to create dialogue, informal feedback and working partnerships with government institutions charged with corruption. It is an avenue for advocacy and to educate the public on their rights and responsibilities to counter corruption.

Corruption is...a cold, vicious, often violent sacrifice of citizen security, for a narrow, greedy, private, personal profit on the part of a crooked of official. - Al Gore

Legal Advice and Assistance on Corruption Complaints

We will provide free legal advice to help you pursue your complaint. We will ensure that a formal complaint will be received by the law enforcement agencies for further action.


We will raise awareness on the different types of corruption issues. We will advocate on the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the fight against corruption.

Capacity Building

We will work in support of the existing state authorities in strengthening their capacities to process complaints.

What ALAC does

  • ALAC provides free legal assistance by structuring your complaints.
  • ALAC supports the existing state authorities to process corruption complaints
  • There is an agreement between ALAC, the Ombudsman Commission, the Public Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement agencies that they will work with ALAC to ensure your complaints get dealt with.

What ALAC does not do

  • Investigate cases of corruption (i.e. go out to gather evidence for your case)
  • Prosecute cases of corruption (i.e. we will not represent your case in court)

Get Free Legal Advice

Getting justice for victims & witnesses of corruption.