TTTI Launches Youth Membership Drive

City of Port of Spain

Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI) is reaching out to the future leaders and decision makers of our country to join its ranks and has initiated a “Youth Membership Drive”. The intention of this outreach is to promote discussion, raise awareness, and nurture a culture of transparency, accountability, good governance and integrity in our young leader’s personal and professional lives. TTTI also seeks to bring the voice of youth to the fore on issues of governance, corruption and national development.

TTTI recognizes the critical role that our youth play in our country’s development and as such, we conducted a “Youth Integrity Survey” with both Form 2 and UWI students. Most of the students expressed the dire need to stand against corruption.

It is important to note that persons under 35 years benefit from NO registration fee and a 50% reduction in annual membership fees. Therefore, we are encouraging you to join TTTI and let’s hear what you have to say.

You can easily access Youth Membership Applications Forms from the Transparency Office, from its website, and from its Facebook page

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