Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute seeks action on governance issues

Trinidad & Tobago Parliament

Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI) is concerned about the adherence to principles of good governance in Trinidad & Tobago. The issues that the Government must address as a matter of urgency include: 

  • behaviour in public office; 
  • appointments and award of contracts in the public sector; and 
  • a lack of urgency in strengthening the procurement regime.

In addition, the recent judgement of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in a matter involving allegations of bribery included disparaging comments about Trinidad & Tobago’s Minister of National Security. These issues are drawing escalating negative publicity both here and abroad. The country’s image and credibility are being impaired, more so when such cases are permanently stored on the world wide web.

TTTI urges the prompt and full investigation of any allegations or implications of wrong-doing by those in public office. It is the leadership that set the parameters, the philosophy and the ethos of the country, thereby creating its image. Thus, it is even more critical to investigate and report when allegations involve any of the leaders themselves.

As the national chapter of Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption, TTTI will continue to work in a non-confrontational, collaborative way with Government, Civil Society, Business and other stakeholders to promote integrity, accountability and transparency and to press for necessary reforms in a non-party political manner.

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