E-news Brief, Issue 12, Jul 2018


Special General Meeting – Charitable Status

Following discussions with the Board of Inland Revenue on the matter of TTTI obtaining Charitable Status on May 7 2018, TTTI hosted a Special General Meeting (SGM) to amend Article 3.2 of the Bye-Laws. The members approved the amendment and Article 3.2 now reads:

3.2 For the attainment of its purpose the Company shall inter-alia work with Transparency International organs, other national chapters, government, the public sector, business, labour and civil society organisations to seek to achieve institutional reform and heightened public awareness, to provide general information relating to the nature and consequences of corruption in international and local business transactions and to formulate strategies to combat corruption and to promote transparency.

At the SGM, TTTI Chair Dion Abdool also shared with members an update on the Institute’s activities.

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