Research & Policy Papers and Presentations


  • ‘Integrity in Public Procurement – Anti-Corruption Tools for Construction Pojects’, Victor A. Hart (TTTI Chairman), Caribbean Procurement (Law & Practice) Conference, March 2008

TTTI Submissions 

  • ‘Procurement Practices in the Public Construction Sector’, Victor A. Hart (TTTI Chairman), January 2009
  • ‘Recommendations for Ensuring Greater Integrity in the Construction Sector‘, Victor A. Hart (TTTI Chairman), March 2009
  • ‘Preventing Corruption on Construction Projects’, Neill Stansbury (Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre), March 2009
  • ‘The Independence of the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute’, Victor A. Hart (TTTI Chairman), April 2009
  • ‘Recommendations on the Reform of the Public Sector Procurement Regime’, Victor A. Hart (TTTI CHairman), October 2009
  • ‘The Independence of the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute – Rebuttal No. 2’, Victor A. Hart (TTTI Chairman), November 2009
  • Report: ‘Corruption in the Trinidad and Tobago Construction Industry:Survey 2009’, TTTI


Commission of Enquiry into the Construction Sector (the ‘Uff Commission’)

For the Report of the Uff Commission, click here.

For a report on what the Uff Report has to say about TTTI and its work, click here.