Kenneth Shawn Mahase

An Attorney at Law for over 10 years who practices predominantly in the areas of Civil Litigation and Conveyancing.

A practical and results-oriented individual, he has a passion for civil society causes and often draws similarly-minded individuals together and facilitates the formation of new non-profit organizations.

Hailing from Sangre Grande he is particularly focused on community development in East Trinidad and is a director and co-founder of the Eastern Business and Merchants Association and Co-Chair and co-founder of the Eastern Lawyers Association.

As an Elder and Legal Advisor to the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago and several other organizations, he has maintained a rewarding balance in his professional, spiritual and philanthropic life.

Mr. Mahase has from a young age been involved in advocating for greater transparency, accountability and good governance generally particularly through constitutional reform and to that end has contributed to various policy papers, articles, consultations and forums. He is a strong proponent for a greater focus on values-based public education in our society.

In his burgeoning career in private practice, he has built a reputation as an astute advocate and seeks to serve his diverse clientele from across the east-west corridor with diligence, integrity and compassion.

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