Terry Dale Ince

Terry Dale Ince is a development specialist, social entrepreneur, and human rights advocate/activist. She is the founder and convener of CEDAW Committee of Trinidad and Tobago (CCoTT), a UN ECOSOC accredited volunteer non-governmental organization incorporated under the 1995 companies act of Trinidad and Tobago, focused on Advocacy, Education and Public Awareness on and for the sustainable implementation of the principles of the Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Using a collaborative approach, CCoTT use the recommendations advanced at state periodic reviews to ensure compliance within a national and human rights context. She is also the Managing Director of TDI and Associates, a Change and Development Management consulting practice which integrate the principles of change management into daily practice for behaviour change.

Prior to joining the civil society sector, Terry enjoyed a career in business and technology where she managed territories in the private and public sectors while contributing her skills and knowledge to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developed and developing countries and underserved communities. A

few highlights:

▪ She designed and implemented technology solutions for medium and large businesses and government agencies as a systems engineer and client manager with a global company during a 26-year career.

▪ She contributes to the practical promotion and core principles of women’s economic and political empowerment and sustainable machineries nationally, regionally, and globally.

▪ She has a practical formation in the field of development work and gender issues, particularly as it extends to the inclusion of women, young people, marginalized communities, and the environment.

▪ She lectures on CEDAW and women’s empowerment, leadership, and advocacy locally, regionally, and globally.

▪ She observes general elections globally and serves as a gender and human rights specialist on observer teams.

▪ She serves on the board of non-governmental organizations in Trinidad, Nigeria, and the USA. She is the current Chair of the National Steering Committee of the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program (GEF SGP) (Trinidad &Tobago), the Spotlight Initiative Civil Society Regional Reference Group (Caribbean) and Team Leader on the National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons working group, Prevention and Effective Identification of Victims and Witnesses Team (2022-2025). The working group is a three-year initiative of the Counter Trafficking Unit within the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of National Security.

▪ She acquired a Master of Science in Organizational Development and Behaviour at John Hopkins University, Project Management certification at Columbia University, and IBM Leadership Executive training at Harvard Business School.

▪ She is a Trinidad and Tobago national award recipient. On March 7, 2022, she received the medal for the Development of Women (Gold). A Champion of CEDAW, she represented civil society organizations and lobbied the CEDAW Committee in Geneva at the state review and contributed to Civil Society discourse as a spokesperson at the Hemispheric dialogue and the IX Summit of the Americas.

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