Deadline to Legislation to Combat Corruption

Campaign Finance Legislation 

It has been reported in media and other forums that Campaign Finance Legislation will be implemented by end 2019. This legislation is a major requirement in the fight against corruption requiring accountability and disclosure of contributions to political parties and individuals.

With elections on the horizon, it is imperative that Campaign Finance legislation is implemented as soon as possible. The countdown clock is an initiative to help us keep this matter on the radar as an important outstanding requirement for the governance of our country.

Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act

The full implementation of this legislation has been long delayed. Full implementation will ensure accountability, transparency and value for money in the expenditure of public funds.

At last report, the Office of the Procurement Regulator was staffed, handbook and Guidelines prepared. We are still however, on the road to full proclamation and the countdown clock gives a timeline to end of 2019 for full proclamation. 

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