• #18IACC Day 2 Highlights

    We’ve reached the half-way point of the 18th IACC! So far we’ve had over 40 sessions, 6 films, the Fair Play concert and countless exchanges among the attendees. But there’s much more to come! Check today’s agenda here and follow on Twitter at #18IACC Here you can read some highlights from the second day, including […]

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  • OECD to Mexico: Increase foreign bribery enforcement

    Mexico needs to give more priority to foreign bribery enforcement, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In fact, the country has yet to prosecute a case involving the bribery of foreign public officials 19 years after ratifying the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. “This is a cause for significant concern, especially given the export-driven […]

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  • 18-IACC-Oct-2018

    18th International Anti-Corruption Conference

    The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, opened with a renewed commitment to anti-corruption action from national governments, international organisations and multinational corporations at the end of the opening day.

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  • E-news Brief, Special Issue, Sep 2018

    Launch of the School Integrity Club Project Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI) in collaboration with the the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago and the National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA) launched integrity clubs in the six secondary schools involved in the project and conducted a series of trainings and meetings with the principals, teachers […]

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  • TTTI-E-News-Brief-Issue-13-Sep-2018

    E-news Brief, Issue 13, Sep 2018

    Visit from Transparency International From August 4 – 7, Transparency International – Consultant, Ms. Alessandra Fontana, visited TTTI to conduct the midterm evaluation on the “IMPACT” grant. The purpose of the evaluation was to provide an external and independent review that assesses the performance and achievements of the grant; identify weaknesses and strengths of the […]

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